Photo Essay: Behind the Scenes at Bollywood Fashion Shoot

I was going through some photography the other day when I came upon a folder titled “BTS Bollywood Shoot”.

Back when I dabbled in modeling, many moons ago (you can read all about that in my article “The Model who hates Modeling“),

I worked with Walter Wollemberg (Wolton Photography), who invited me assist him at this shoot, along with Dorota Dybala (Dybala Studio)

It was a long day, but well worth it.

So here’s a bit of spice to cheer up these cold winter days!

Stage One: Prep!

Stage Two: Costumes 

Stage Three: Set up and Test Shots

Stage Four: Divide and Conquer

And last but not least, some of my favourite moments!

It was amazing to work alongside such talented photographers for my first fashion shoot behind the camera!

I’d also like to acknowledge the amazing models I photographed: Mandita PatelMaja HendersonMelissa Koenig (Haute Couture Chicago, Vogue Italia), Samantha Allababidi, Monica Conejita (M&M Modeling, Miss Worldwide Illinois) and Mariana.

Also, thanks to my good friend, Luis Santillan for lending his dance studio for the photo shoot!