My Prescription for PTSD

“Doctor, I have PTSD, what would you prescribe?”

“Pregnancy, with a healthy dose of travel!” (Okay, so maybe a real doctor wouldn’t say that, but he probably should)

Pregnancy, huh?

That’s right! Lost Lass is on a WHOLE new adventure. Ever since I saw that positive sign on the pee stick, life has been a bit crazy.

Ironically, I’ve experienced a drastic drop in all my normal PTSD symptoms.

People I couldn’t be around by myself are no longer a problem, flash-backs are rare, and I can face empty alleys with (near) equanimity.

So what has changed? My current theory is that the extreme emotions from one have somehow cancelled each other out. But I’m no M.D! 

Though I will say that walking alone in the dark is still not the best idea.  

All the same, life is more peaceful without panic attacks. …PTSD-related ones, that is!

new braunfels railraod texas

Heading out of town on the New Braunfels tracks.

Phase 2 of my prescription? Travel!

I’ve always hated the idea of couch potato pregnancies, and I was determined from the start that that wouldn’t be me.

Of course, morning sickness has a mind of its own.

However, despite the nausea, stress, and innumerable distractions, I’ve travelled more since I found out about the baby than my trip to Europe last fall.

In four months, I flew to Texas for a week, road tripped to Michigan by myself, and have trained and bussed it around the Chicago area to visit friends.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that travel comes with its own anxieties, but being mobile during tough times helps me feel a bit less closed in and stifled.

Having the freedom to enjoy new experiences makes the world seem bigger, with more possibility and promise than the stresses of the day-to-day.

I may be preaching to the choir here, or perhaps I am alone in this.

Whatever the case, travel has gotten me through some tough times (also in and out of them!).

And for someone who faces the daily challenge of becoming a survivor, that means a lot.  

(All photos copyright Lost Lass)