Guest Article with international magazine Hackwriters

I’m excited to announce a guest article with international magazine, Hackwriters!

Please enjoy another personal story, this time about my multicultural family, and memories of the UK.

The story is set at Port Bàn, the best and most beautiful spot in the world…


My Family’s Fair Harbor


Come with me, back to Scotland, to the cliff  that faces my family’s land — and the sea.

We’ll sit and sip a cuppa as dolphins cross the Sound of Jura, fins flashing just above the horizon. 

We’ll listen for the icy waves that foam through the nooks of the rocky Highland coast.

We’ll watch sunsets disappear behind island peaks and marvel at the way mountain and ocean blend until you can’t tell one element from the other.

We’ll close our eyes, breathe in the salty, heathery air, and know: this is home.

How did we get here? Where does this adventure begin?

Perhaps if I’d written it in order, my story would just sound like the gap semester of another college girl.

But it all begins long before our moment on the cliff…

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