A gun called “Gonna” and Nelson Mandela

It’s been quite a year so far. 


In the space of a few months, I have moved, started a business and had a baby. That’s a lot for 2016 and there’s three quarters of it left!

But through all the work, fussing about money and medical bills, jobs and clients, one big lesson has emerged.

I recently had the unique opportunity to chat with Caleb Maddix (Kids 4 Success), an insanely charismatic and talented young entrepreneur with a very big dream.

Well, Caleb and I were talking about what it takes to pursue those goals when he hit me with a quote to live by that stopped me in my tracks.

The gun that kills the most people is the “gonna”. 


So many people say they’re “gonna” make a chance or take a chance…and then never do.

Damn. And this from a 14-year old Southern homeschooler! 

(Hey, I have nothing against them. I was fourteen, Southern and homeschooled myself once!)

Another new friend of mine, Suresh Thakoor (Blisshacker), had a jaw-dropping personal story for anyone who was afraid to take a chance.

After college graduation, he went to work for his uncle in Jo-berg, South Africa.

One day, he found out that his uncle’s next door neighbor was none other than Nelson Mandela.

Yup. THE Nelson Mandela.

Day after day, he’d walk by, even wave to the guards who were stationed in front of Mandela’s house.

But he never got up the courage to knock on the door.

A couple hundred feet, and he could have talked to one of the most influential men in the world.

Despite the fact that there was a LOT going on in my life at the time, and I was understandably overwhelmed, those two stories made me wonder…

…What opportunities was I missing out on?

Was I letting the gun called “gonna” kill my chances? How many Nelson Mandelas had I been too afraid to talk to?


I knew I had some decisions to make. 

I had to take those chances and contact those people, invest in my business, put myself out there. And you know what?

It worked. Really fast.

I’m talking warp speed kind of fast, like my life had suddenly kicked into fast-forward.

One minute I was working up the courage to email Arianna Huffington, legalize my business, and talk about my struggles with PTSD on air.

And the next…







And can I also remind you that I was HAVING A BABY in the middle of all this?

If that doesn’t make a girl feel like a multi-tasking Wonder Woman, nothing will.

Not that I’m boasting, or anything.


Anyway, my point IS…

…there were no bars holding me back, no one telling me I couldn’t or that it was impossible, nothing standing in my way.


Except little old me, with her uncertain faith and massive self-doubt, the girl who couldn’t trust God long enough to see over those walls she had built.

Don’t be that person. Don’t say “I’m gonna…someday”.

Do it now.

Cross that distance.

Knock on that door.

I think you’ll be surprised by what you find behind it.