DIY Freelancing: What Website?

So you’re a broke freelancer, trying to keep costs down until the next big thing comes along (or the first big thing!).

Or maybe you’re just starting out, fresh from college.

Either way, you don’t have too much money to put into the business right now.

Hire a graphic designer? Yeah, right.

Want a fancy WordPress theme? Can’t afford it.

When your budget’s too tight to think about Adobe subscriptions, Google ads, and professionally-designed business cards, don’t panic.

You have options.

Welcome to DIY Freelancing, a series of tips and tricks I’ve picked up from my freelancing work so far.

It’s pretty simple.

You work with what you’ve got, and spend as little as possible on what you don’t.


Sure, it might mean holding off on the newest and latest upgrades, but it’ll get your business going.


Let’s start with websites: When you’re starting out, there’s no need for expensive themes, custom sites, or even domain names.

You just need something clean, simple, and professional. 

WordPress and SquareSpace are great resources.

But where to begin?

-Search for free themes (WordPress has thousands!)

-Use a basic provided theme and then customize it yourself

-Don’t pay for upgrades until you absolutely have to. is plenty good enough for a start-up

-Learn basic coding at W3Schools, or Code Academy, so you can tweak your theme’s HTML and CSS files any way you like

But if you’re just not ready to take that step into carving out your own corner of cyberspace, no worries!

Start small with a Tumblr,, or Facebook profile, and get a feel for your audience and industry.

There is nothing wrong with playing it safe until you’re comfortable.

‘Til next time!