Austen digitalized!

When I’m not procrastinating over writing blog posts…

…or rather, when I AM procrastinating, I like to browse Youtube.

I’m a big Jane Austen fan (though not in a “Colin Firth, take me now” kind of way!), so I was really excited  about this new find!

Pemberley Digital, an independent web production company that has re-adapted some of my favorite stories of all time.  

Their first production, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, was a multimedia take on “Pride and Prejudice”.

The YouTube series follows 24 year-old Lizzie as she makes video diaries of her crazy life for a student project.

Along with her sisters and friend Charlotte, Lizzie shares her adventures with buttoned-up businessman William Darcy and his good friend, Bing Lee.

Pemberley Digital adaptation of Austen Pride and Prejudice Lizzie Bennet Diaries  

The best part is when the characters play dress up to re-enact key scenes from the book!

“The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” are also a great example of many media platforms which include:

– Twitter accounts that allow fans to interact with each character

– A Tumblr following the fashions of Lizzie’s older sister Jane

Pemberley Digital didn’t win an Emmy Award for Interactive Media for nothing!

Though I didn’t get as involved with the interactive media, I enjoyed how it made the story and characters easy to relate to.

Every Austen fan has dreamed being Lizzie’s friend and Pemberley Digital made it possible!

Currently, I’m enjoying Pemberley Digital’s second series, “Emma Approved”, about an ambitious businesswoman who’s determined to make everyone’s lives just that much better.

Can anyone guess which Austen novel this series is based on?