About Me

Hi! I’m Leanna Johnson, the face of Lost Lass.

I didn’t want to be a writer growing up, I want to be a criminal investigator…or a pirate (still on the fence about that).

I hit a reality check in college when I realized how much red tape was involved. So I switched to journalism.

As a multimedia journalist and advocate, I’m a storyteller at heart. I like to challenge my audience to consider new perspectives through real stories from real people, including myself.

Due to my personal experience with mental health and social justice, and my multicultural traveler’s background, I am able to pour a lot of passion into my work with social entrepreneurship and its movements and innovations.

I also frequently publish and speak about my personal story, and have been featured on Business Innovators Radio, the Huffington Post and BBC News.

WHY “Lost Lass”?

I still blame my friend and graphic designer, Renee, for the name of this brand.

“Lost Lass” started as one of many reincarnations of my blog. The name comes from my multicultural background (which you can read more about in my column “Growing Up Global”) as well as a tendency to lose myself in every project…and also every city, country and most streets on my travels!