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Lost Lass believes in approaching every project like an investigative journalist.

Using the traditional aspects of journalism: in-depth research, incisive interviewing and accurate reporting, we can apply them to the marketing problems of today's social entrepreneur.

That's why Lost Lass specializes in the innovative hybrid of journalism and marketing known as "Word Branding". Word Branding helps each entrepreneur tell their own story in the best possible words.

From web and social media copy to mission statements, business bios, elevator speeches, video scripts, blog posts, articles and press kits, the applications are endless.

We want to work with entrepreneurs who make a social impact. Using their own words, we create a megaphone for their mission and blast their brand story to every corner of the globe.

Now that's how words can make a difference!

My Work

Lost Lass offers a variety of word branding services, and contributes her interviewing, directing and marketing skills to a variety of multimedia projects

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The personal record of a traveling freelancer and her many and varied adventures around the world.

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February 29th, 2016

Photo Essay: Behind the Scenes at Bollywood Fashion Shoot

I was going through some photography the other day when I came upon a folder titled “BTS Bollywood Shoot”. Back when I dabbled in modeling, many moons ago (you can read all about that in my article “The Model who hates Modeling“), I worked with Walter Wollemberg (Wolton Photography), who invited Read more...

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